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Community News

Information from the CDO Council and the CDO Community

Unstructured Data Episode 3: Balance and Excellence in Federal Service

By CDO Council · December 11, 2022
Kirsten Dalboe, Chief Data Officer at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, shares her insight on work/life balance and success as a government employee. Continue Reading

Unstructured Data Episode 2: Solving Problems with Data

By CDO Council · November 20, 2022
Janice deGarmo, Director of The State Department’s Office of Management Strategy and Solutions, shares her thoughts of the transformative role of CDOs in government. Continue Reading

Profiles in Data Sharing - National Electronic Injury Surveillance System

By CDO Council · October 06, 2022
consumer safety The Federal CDO Council's Data Sharing Working Group has started a new project to highlight successful data sharing activities.The first Profile in Data Sharing focuses on a collaboration between the Consumer Product Safety Continue Reading

New CDO Podcast and Social Channel

By CDO Council · September 13, 2022
The Federal Chief Data Officers Council (CDOC) is proud to announce the production and distribution of its first official podcast. Continue Reading

Chief Data Officer Council 2022 Survey and Results

By CDO Council · July 17, 2022
The Federal Chief Data Officer Council (CDOC) continues to grow and now has nearly 90 members from both CFO and non-CFO Act agencies. Continue Reading

Data Ethics

By CDO Council · July 12, 2022
In March, the Chief Data Officer Council (CDOC) voted to establish a Data Ethics and Equity Working Group (DEEWG) in order to help the council understand, foster, and support data ethics and data equity activities across the Federal Government. Continue Reading

NEW CDO Council Awards Program

By CDO Council · July 01, 2022
The CDO Council now has an awards program! Continue Reading

Key Mile Marker Reached on Road to State Department’s Data Maturity

By Matthew Graviss, Ph.D., Chief Data Officer · June 21, 2022
The Department’s first-ever Enterprise Data Strategy (EDS) was a paradigm shift toward a data-driven culture, but the rubber met the road when the strategy began its implementation phase in October... Continue Reading

Data Sharing Report Published

By CDO Council · April 21, 2022
The Chief Data Officer Council (CDOC) established a Data Sharing Working Group (DSWG) to help the council understand the varied data-sharing needs and challenges of all agencies across the Federal Government. ... Continue Reading

Data Inventory Report Published

By CDO Council · April 21, 2022
The Chief Data Officers Council Data Inventory Working Group prepared a report to highlight the value proposition for data inventories and describe challenges agencies may face when implementing and managing comprehensive data inventories... Continue Reading

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