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The Council’s vision is to improve government mission achievement and increase the benefits to the Nation through improvement in the management, use, protection, dissemination, and generation of data in government decision-making and operations.

What is a Chief Data Officer

While there are many roles in the Federal Government that relate to data management, Chief Data Officers (CDOs) have emerged to lead organizational development of processes to leverage the power of data. CDOs enable data driven decision-making in a variety of ways, from providing and leveraging centralized agency analytics capacity to creating tools and platforms that enable self-service across their agencies and for the public. CDOs serve in a central leadership position, with visibility into relevant agency operations, and are positioned highly enough to regularly engage with other agency leadership,including the head of the agency.

Working Groups and Committees

The CDO Council has a number of high-level working groups and committees, which reflect the interests and activities of the Council. The initial list below is expected to grow as the council develops and will evolve as the needs of the CDO community change.

Community News

CDO enrollment blog thumbnail

Ready for a Change? Become a CXO Fellow and Enhance Your Leadership in Data

If this sounds like you, the Chief Data Officers (CDO) Council might have just the perfect solution, through the CXO Fellows Program.

Public Meeting 2023 thumbnail

2023 CDOC Public Meeting Question and Answer Themes

The CDOC Public Meeting addressed various topics through the Question and Answer function. Here is a brief summary of overarching themes.

Dorothy Aronson headshot

Unstructured Data Episode 6: Evolving with Data

As she balances being the Chief Data Officer and Chief Information Officer at the National Science Foundation, Dorothy Aronson shares her excitement with watching data evolve.

Chris Haffer headshot

Unstructured Data Episode 5: Cheerleading for Data

As he prepares for retirement, Dr. Chris Haffer, Chief Data Officer at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, reflects on his development in government, leveraging opportunities, and his hopes for data ethics in the Federal Government.


Announcing the CDO Council’s Newest Executive Committee Members

Congratulations and welcome to the newest leaders within the CDO Council.


Accepting Nominations for the 2023 CDOC Awards Program

The CDOC Awards Program is accepting nominations through 1 March 2023!

Public Meeting 2023 thumbnail

CDO Council Public Meeting

The CDO Council is hosting a public meeting on Friday, February 10.

Oliver Wise headshot

Unstructured Data Episode 4: Counting on Data

Oliver Wise, Chief Data Officer at the Department of Commerce, shares thoughts on applying non-federal experiences to Federal Data and cross-functional Data Sharing.


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