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About Us

Welcome Message

“Data is life and the foundation of every function of government. I am profoundly committed to the idea that our role as a Council presents a unique opportunity for meaningful and transformative work. Having witnessed the impact of delivering data and analytic solutions, I recognize the earnest effect it has on how we serve the Nation. The commitment of our Council is to foster collaboration, share best practices, and address federal-wide data challenges. In these transformative times, we are overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude to serve the data community together.”

-Kirsten Dalboe, Chair


The CDO Council was established by statute in the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018 (P.L. 115-435) 44 USC § 3520A.


The Council’s vision is to improve government mission achievement and increase the benefits to the Nation through improvement in the management, use, protection, dissemination, and generation of data in government decision-making and operations.


The CDO Council shall meet regularly to establish government-wide best practices for the management, use, protection, dissemination, and generation of data; promote and encourage data sharing agreements between agencies; identify ways in which agencies can improve upon the production of evidence for use in policymaking; consult with the public and engage with private users of Government data and other stakeholders on how to improve access to data assets of the Federal Government; and identify and evaluate new technology solutions for improving the collection and use of data. The CDO Council shares responsibilities with other interagency councils that conduct and impact data-related activities, including those focused on information technology, statistics, information security, evaluation, privacy, freedom of information, and other government objectives. The CDO Council coordinates its activities with these councils and bodies in order to assure that these activities are complementary and carried out efficiently and effectively.

2024-2025 CDO Council Goals

In April 2024, the CDO Council updated its goals and objectives for 2024-2025. During this period, the activities of the Council will strive to advance the following five goals: Strengthen and empower the Federal workforce in the use of data; Professionalize CDO Function; Optimize the business of the data life cycle (costs, logistics, burden); Optimize customer experience through efficient collection and use of data (input); and Empower modern digital experiences (Output). Each goal has various corresponding objectives to help guide progress and accomplishment through December 2025.


In May 2020, the CDO Council voted to establish a charter.

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