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Small Agency Committee


Develop strategies, solutions, and resources to address and advocate for small agency needs and opportunities in implementing the Foundations for Evidence Based Policymaking Act and Federal Data Strategy to ensure that CDO’s at Small Agencies are successful across the data lifecycle.

  • Provide Small Agency leadership, learning, and partnership on the delivery of the Federal Data Strategy Action Plan and the Foundations for Evidence Based Policy Making Act;
  • Foster a vibrant community of Small Agency CDO’s; and
  • Contribute to the general strengthening of the CDO Council.
  • Meet statutory requirements, including the required report to Congress.
  • Be a community of learning by broadly identifying best practices and resources to
  • facilitate the implementation for the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018.
  • Provide leadership on the delivery of the Federal Data Strategy Action Plan.

The Small Agency Committee supports all of the goals of the CDO Council, as appropriate, by ensuring the CDO Council and Executive Committee understands the unique contributions and challenges of the 50+ Small Agencies across the Federal Government in implementing the Evidence Act and the Federal Data Strategy Action Plan.

  • Be a collaborative body of Small Agency CDO’s to share, learn, and work together to solve the unique challenges faced by Small Agencies;
  • Identify strategies, solutions, and resource needs of Small Agencies;
  • Communicate and advocate for those strategies, solutions, and resource needs with the CDO Council and the CDO Council Executive Committee;
  • Offer their unique agility, as small agencies, to provide for experimental and innovative opportunities to test ideas that further the shared goals of the CDO Council.