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Federal Chief Data Officer Council Awards Program


To recognize both civilian and military employees of federal agencies that demonstrate innovative data practices to advance government mission achievement and increase the benefits to the Nation through improvement in the management, use, protection, dissemination, and generation of data in government decision-making and operations. Nominations must be made by members of the CDOC and should highlight personnel leading work and noteworthy improvements within the Federal Data community.

Federal Chief Data Officer Council Distinguished Achievement in Federal Data – Individuals or Teams who make truly exceptional contributions to Federal Data and the use of data in policy-making.

Federal Chief Data Officer Council Distinguished Federal Data Innovator Award – For the mavericks (individuals or teams) who develop creative and “outside the box” ideas, help design them, and see them through to execution, including interagency collaborations, creative uses of data, interactive analytics products, etc.

Federal Chief Data Officer Council Data Champion of the Year – For Federal employees, outside of the Agency Data office, who make significant contributions to expanding data activities for their programs or agencies.

Federal Chief Data Officer Council Excellence in Data Governance – Open to personnel or teams who champion policies, processes, or procedures to enhance data governance throughout the Federal government or between state, local, and tribal governments.

Federal Chief Data Officer Council Team of the Year – Highlights the achievements of Federal teams who made strides in leveraging data as a strategic asset in or across agencies. For consideration for this award, teams may be composed of personnel within the data community or consist of cross-functional personnel (privacy, evaluation, statistical personnel, etc.).

Federal Chief Data Officer Council Award Working Group Superior Contributor – For CDOC WG members with superior performance in the execution of WG goals. Selected by WG chair.

Award nominations must be submitted by a CDO Council member and should describe, in an unclassified manner, the challenge and outcomes of the project or team actions. Nominations will be scored based on accomplishment of any of the following:

  • Creativity, innovative approach to a data challenge;
  • Impact (ie: Saved time, money, resources; increased synergies, collaboration, etc.)
  • Increased/exercise collaboration external to Data professionals;
  • Promotion of Data Culture

Only Federal Employees and military personnel are eligible for this program. Each category will allocate up to two awards annually, one for a CFO-Act Agency recipient or team and one for a non-CFO Act Agency recipient or team. Contract staff are ineligible for consideration.

  • CFO-Act Agencies: This category is open to Chief Data Officers and support staff from any of the 24 Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act agencies. The 24 CFO Act Agencies include:

      • Agency for International Development
      • Department of Agriculture
      • Department of Commerce
      • Department of Defense (including Military Departments)
      • Department of Education
      • Department of Energy
      • Department of Health and Human Services
      • Department of Homeland Security
      • Department of Housing and Urban Development
      • Department of the Interior
      • Department of Justice
      • Department of Labor
      • Department of State
      • Department of Transportation
      • Department of the Treasury
      • Department of Veterans Affairs
      • Environmental Protection Agency
      • General Services Administration
      • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
      • National Science Foundation
      • Nuclear Regulatory Commission
      • Office of Personnel Management
      • Small Business Administration
      • Social Security Administration
  • Non-CFO-Act Agencies: Chief Data Officers and support staff from any Non-CFO Act Agency are eligible for consideration.

    The CDO Council definition of “Agency” comes from 44 USC 3502. Under the definitions in that section the term Agency means:(1)the term “agency” means any executive department, military department, Government corporation, Government controlled corporation, or other establishment in the executive branch of the Government (including the Executive Office of the President), or any independent regulatory agency, but does not include—

    • the Government Accountability Office;
    • Federal Election Commission;
    • the governments of the District of Columbia and of the territories and possessions of the United States, and their various subdivisions; or
    • Government-owned contractor-operated facilities, including laboratories engaged in national defense research and production activities

Annual/ Per Calendar Year (1 Jan - 31 Dec)