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Working Group

Data Inventory


Data inventories are as essential to agencies as card catalogs are to libraries. These inventories make data assets discoverable to machines and humans. To inform policy decisions, CDO’s must ensure their data inventories support their agency missions.

  • Creating a broad list of data inventory use cases at Federal agencies;
  • Documenting data inventory challenges and opportunities; and
  • Identifying solutions and recommended actions to maximize data inventories’ value while minimizing compliance burden.

This working group supports the CDO Council's Goal 2: Enable impactful outcomes from simple, seamless, and secure customer experiences

  • Creating a new knowledge base and fostering learning through case studies of existing data inventory programs in the Federal government with an emphasis on identifying the questions those data inventories currently answer as well as the questions inventories may need to support in the future.
  • Identifying the constraints agencies face building and maintaining federal data inventories and identify opportunities to remove or limit those constraints.
  • Engage other Federal stakeholders and platforms to understand their federal data inventory use cases and questions data inventories support
  • Engaging non-federal stakeholders to understand their expectations and requirements of federal agency data inventories
  • Working in collaboration with GSA’s team and the Federal GeoPlatform to identify opportunities to better align the flow of information from agency data inventories to those two cross federal platforms.
  • Identifying data inventory best practices used in the private sector as well as within agencies and their sub-components.

Success Stories

Data Inventory Report

The CDOC’s Data Inventory Working Group created a report to highlight the value proposition for data inventories and describe challenges agencies may face when implementing and managing comprehensive data inventories. Additionally, the report identifies the ways all agencies can overcome these challenges and includes a set of recommendations directed towards Agencies, OMB, and the CDO Council.

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