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February 07, 2023

Announcing the CDO Council’s Newest Executive Committee Members

By CDO Council

As many of our members know, the CDO Council’s Executive Committee provides strategic guidance and oversees all activities of the Council, including identifying potential priorities, developing meeting agendas, and promoting collaboration. They also provide recommendations to the CDO Council on operations proposals including the creation or completion of working groups and the approval of reports or other documents for publication.  We are excited to announce the newest members of our Executive Committee who will fulfill these responsibilities and duties in 2023.  Championing the Data Skills and Workforce Development Working Group are Chris Alvares of USDA and Eileen Vidrine of the Department of the Air Force.  Oliver Wise of the Department of Commerce is leading the Large Agency Committee.  We are looking forward to seeing the efforts of these members as they work to advance the goals of the CDO Council.

Additionally, we would like to send a hearty congratulations to the following CDOs and Senior Staff who raised their hands to represent the Council on vital cross-council initiatives. Kirsten Dalboe volunteered to serve on the Shared Services Governance Board (Pending Approval) and Scott Gibbons will serve on the Interagency Council on Statistical Policy Standard Application Process.

The success of the Council hinges on member-driven contributions. We are fortunate to have leaders from across government who are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to offer their expertise to the Council and our partners across government.  Welcome to the newest leaders and thank you to those who continue to serve and support the Council.

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