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December 27, 2022

2022 CDOC Report to Congress and GAO Report

By CDO Council

We are excited to announce two new reports on the Federal Chief Data Officers Council. First, the CDO Council has released its second Report to Congress and OMB. Check it out to see just how much our community has achieved over the last two years - including reports on opportunities and challenges in data sharing and data inventory, many playbooks, and collaboration with our partners across the data space! If you want to see what we did in previous years, you can also check out our first Report to Congress and OMB.

Next, the Government Accountability Office has released a report “The CDO Council: Progress in Strengthening Federal Evidence-Based Policymaking.” The report describes how the Federal Chief Data Officers Council has worked to improve how the federal government collects and uses data, and ways that agencies have built on these efforts. GAO’s analysis found that the Council has taken one or more actions related to each of its five statutory requirements. They also identified various actions that the selected agencies took to improve their ability to use different types of evidence.

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