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Community News

Information from the CDO Council and the CDO Community

Update on Government-wide Data Scientist Hiring Pilot

By Dan Morgan, CDO Council Vice-Chair · June 11, 2021
Handshake between two business people with abstract data graphics overlayed Over the last several years, Federal agencies have been working to manage data as a strategic asset. Indeed, between 2018 and 2019, there was a flurry of activity and guidance focused on maturing how agencies manage and use data. Congress passed important legislation, including the Foundations for Evidence-based Policymaking Act... Continue Reading

FY 2021 CDOC Goals

By CDOC Council · June 11, 2021
Darts hitting bullseye of target to represent goals We have set our goals and objectives for FY 2021. We look forward to working on these with the Council community. Goal 1: Develop a vibrant learning community to ensure that CDOs have the resources to lead data-driven change. Objective: Host regular information sharing sessions to exchange and develop best practices... Continue Reading

CDOC Survey and Results

By CDO Council · May 31, 2021
a hand is filling out a survey with a pen The Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Making Act requires all agencies to have a Chief Data Officer (CDO) and creates a Council that brings all of the CDOs together. The CDO Council now includes approximately 80 member CDOs from both CFO and non-CFO Act agencies across government... Continue Reading