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December 08, 2023

2023 CDO Council Survey Results

By CDO Council

Since its inception, the Federal CDO Council has undertaken a survey of its members to better understand how the role is evolving, our member priorities, and their potential challenges. The 2023 survey delved into Agency CDO roles, responsibilities, and available resources and provided insights into the CDOs themselves. This year’s results build upon the knowledge garnered from previous surveys. In addition, this year’s survey introduced a section dedicated to the implementation and integration of Enterprise Analytics across the Federal Government.

In 2023, the survey received 35 responses from agency CDOs – 20 from large agencies, 9 from medium agencies, and 6 from small agencies. Agency size is determined by the number of employees. This response rate is similar to 2022. The 2023 survey gathered information on experience, tenure, and education of members, and responses indicated that:

In addition, from 2022 to 2023, the survey indicated changes in the size of CDO teams as well as role of CDO. In particular, CDOs reported:

As we share these results, we would like to thank Niel Tseng, Data Scientist at the U.S. Department of Transportation, for his time and effort to analyze the survey responses and developing the summary slides.

For a holistic review of the survey finding, please see the 2023 responses (anonymized), 2023 survey instrument, slides analyzing the data, as well as the 2022 responses and 2022 survey instrument.

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