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April 21, 2022

Data Sharing Report Published

By CDO Council


The Chief Data Officer Council (CDOC) established a Data Sharing Working Group (DSWG) to help the council understand the varied data-sharing needs and challenges of all agencies across the Federal Government. The DSWG reviewed data-sharing across federal agencies and developed a set of recommendations for improving the methods to access and share data within and between agencies. This report presents the findings of the DSWG’s review and provides recommendations to the CDO Council Executive Committee.


Recommendation 1 – Expedited Agreement Process: One of the key requirements in sharing data across the federal government is the establishment of data use agreements (DUAs) between the owner and/or data custodian and the party requesting access. Improving this process will allow a DUA to be more efficient and timelier and is critical for improving data-sharing across the federal government.

Recommendation 2 – Improved Data Awareness: There is insufficient visibility of the data that are available from each government agency and which of those data can be shared across the federal government.

Recommendation 3 – Improved Data Trustworthiness: There is no standard application of methods for collecting data or evaluating data quality.

Recommendation 4 – Establish the OCDO as the Central Source of Information: In addition to the three high-level recommendation categories, several general recommendations for agency CDOs emerged which would benefit data-sharing.

Access the Data Sharing Report here.

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