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May 31, 2021

CDOC Survey and Results

By CDO Council

The Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Making Act requires all agencies to have a Chief Data Officer (CDO) and creates a Council that brings all of the CDOs together. The CDO Council now includes approximately 80 member CDOs from both CFO and non-CFO Act agencies across government. With Chief Data Officers appointed at many agencies across government for the first time in FY 2020, the Council conducted a survey of its members to identify:

We believe that understanding more about Federal CDOs will also assist in the CDO Council’s work to create a vibrant learning community that ensures CDOs have the resources and best practices to lead data-driven change.

We’re pleased to share the results of this survey with the public. We’ve included a couple of charts below. You can also check out:

CDO Grade Levels CDO Grade Levels

CDO Areas of Responsibility CDO Areas Responsibility

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