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The Council’s vision is to improve government mission achievement and increase the benefits to the Nation through improvement in the management, use, protection, dissemination, and generation of data in government decision-making and operations.

What is a Chief Data Officer

While there are many roles in the Federal Government that relate to data management, Chief Data Officers (CDOs) have emerged to lead organizational development of processes to leverage the power of data. CDOs enable data driven decision-making in a variety of ways, from providing and leveraging centralized agency analytics capacity to creating tools and platforms that enable self-service across their agencies and for the public. CDOs serve in a central leadership position, with visibility into relevant agency operations, and are positioned highly enough to regularly engage with other agency leadership,including the head of the agency.

Working Groups and Committees

The CDO Council has a number of high-level working groups and committees, which reflect the interests and activities of the Council. The initial list below is expected to grow as the council develops and will evolve as the needs of the CDO community change.

Community News

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Data Ethics

In March, the Chief Data Officer Council (CDOC) voted to establish a Data Ethics and Equity Working Group (DEEWG) in order to help the council understand, foster, and support data ethics and data equity activities across the Federal Government.


NEW CDO Council Awards Program

The CDO Council now has an awards program!

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Key Mile Marker Reached on Road to State Department’s Data Maturity

The Department’s first-ever Enterprise Data Strategy (EDS) was a paradigm shift toward a data-driven culture, but the rubber met the road when the strategy began its implementation phase in October...


Data Sharing Report Published

The Chief Data Officer Council (CDOC) established a Data Sharing Working Group (DSWG) to help the council understand the varied data-sharing needs and challenges of all agencies across the Federal Government. ...


Data Inventory Report Published

The Chief Data Officers Council Data Inventory Working Group prepared a report to highlight the value proposition for data inventories and describe challenges agencies may face when implementing and managing comprehensive data inventories...


Now Available: Summary of Responses from the CDO Council’s RFI

On October 14, 2021, the CDO Council held a virtual public meeting.The meeting highlighted the Council's first year accomplishments, priorities, and working group updates...

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Building a Foundation for Better Wildland Fire Management Outcome Reporting Using Knowledge Graphs

In 2021, the Federal Chief Data Officers Council conducted a pilot project to explore the use of knowledge graph technology and its applicability to data governance with a focus on wildland fire fuel reduction efforts...


CDO Playbook Provides Guidance as the Federal Government Expands Use of Data as a Strategic Asset

The CDO Council has released the Chief Data Officer (CDO) Playbook to help CDOs act as key value drivers as the federal government expands its use of data as a strategic asset...


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