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Working Group



To develop operating and decision making processes for efficient and effective CDO Council operations; and supporting the Executive Committee in handling issues that require rapid response or pre-deliberation.

  • Facilitate the Council’s ability to deliver value to CDOs and their stakeholders;
  • Enable effective and proactive communications between and among Council members, working groups, and committees;
  • Foster a vibrant community of council members; and
  • Contribute to the general strengthening of the Council.
  • Develop communication tools, norms and processes as well as template documents for the CDO Council and working groups.

The operations Working Group is tasked with Developing, documenting and revising as necessary by-laws, e.g. business rules for the Council to clarify decision-making procedures, meeting cadence, working group reporting procedures, and other key internal operations. This includes recommending meeting agenda topics for the Executive Committee and/or other working groups, collecting, curating and tracking documentation with respect to the Council’s key performance indicators. And ensuring that all accomplishments are consistent with the Council Charter and Section 3520A of the Foundations for Evidence-based Policy Making Act.

  • Communicate to the Executive Committee specific deadlines for each activity undertaken by the Operations Working Group.
  • Use consensus-based decision-making within the Working Group, while actively communicating and, as necessary, documenting any dissent or range of views when providing recommendations to the CDO Council Executive Committee or Chair.
  • Facilitate operations the Executive Committee elects to coordinate with the Federal Data Strategy team, other cross-government councils, and other groups focused on data activities.