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Working Group

Data Skills


The Data Skills & Workforce Development Working Group was established by a vote of the CDO Council on June 25, 2020, with the purposes to support Federal agencies development and implementation of data skills & workforce development with broad sponsorship of data awareness through a Community of Practice (CoP).

  • Facilitate the Council’s ability to deliver value to CDOs and their stakeholders in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of data skills & workforce development efforts;
  • Enable effective and proactive communications between and among Council members, working groups, and committees;
  • Foster a vibrant community of council members through networking and sharing experiences related to data skills & workforce development efforts;
  • Focus on sponsoring continuous and competency based data skills and workforce development, resulting in improving data acumen and closing data skills/development gaps.

This focus area delivers value to the Council, CDOs and their stakeholders by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of proven data skills & workforce development efforts of Federal agencies throughout government. Additionally, it supports actionable, ongoing and competency based data skills and workforce development, resulting in improving data acumen and closing skills/development gaps to successfully cross-collaborate across government.

  • Create a new knowledge base and foster learning through case studies of existing programs in the Federal government, including the who, what, why and where with the how these programs were developed and implemented;
  • Organize a Community of Practice (CoP) and a toolkit on how a Federal organization (and component agencies beyond the CDO Council) can develop a data skills and workforce development program;
  • Work in conjunction with the General Services Administration (GSA) to have the GSA provided Federal Data Strategy (FDS) Action 13 (Curated Data Training Catalog) effectively support the Action 4 (Identify Opportunities to Increase Staff Data Skills) playbook, and;
  • Use consensus-based decision-making within the Working Group, while actively communicating and, as necessary, documenting any dissent or range of views when providing recommendations to the CDO Council Executive Committee or Chair

Success Stories

CDO Playbook

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) Playbook explores and defines the evolution of the federal CDO role. It provides new and existing CDOs with guiding principles, opportunities for quick wins, and best practices to navigate some of the key areas that CDOs should focus on today and over the next few years.

Data Skills Catalog

The Data Skills Catalog was developed to help agencies develop competencies for managing data as a strategic asset and making data-driven decisions by improving staff data skills so that agencies can better harness the power of data. The Catalog consists of two parts: Federal Data Lifecycle and Associated Skills, providing a common vocabulary of the data roles and skills in the Federal data ecosystem, and Federal Learning Opportunities, detailing select Federal data training and courses.

Data Skills Training Program Implementation Toolkit

The Data Skills Training Program Implementation Toolkit is designed to provide both small and large agencies with information to develop their own data skills training programs. The information provided can serve as a roadmap to designing, implementing, and administering federal data skills training programs.

Data Skills Training Program Case Studies

The Data Skills Training Program Case Studies were developed by the Chief Data Officer Council’s Data Skills Working Group to share examples of agency training programs and their successes and challenges. This could be especially useful to agencies as they develop data skills training gap-closing strategies.

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