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Working Group

Data Ethics and Equity


The Data Ethics and Equity Working Group was established by the CDO Council in March 2022 in order to help the council understand, foster, and support data ethics and data equity activities across the Federal Government.

Data Ethics

  • Collaborate with ICSP and others to update the Federal Data Ethics framework
  • Promote the use of the framework
  • Promote and update the Data Ethics Playbook
  • Identify data ethics training needs

Data Equity

  • Identify and share resources developed by agencies and partners
  • Support data sharing of key data sources to support equity analysis
  • Identify equity analysis skills development opportunities

  • The Data Ethics and Equity Working Group supports all of the goals of the Council by supporting and identifying places for equitable and ethical development to improve data practices across the Council
  • The Data Ethics and Equity Working Group supports the implementation of the President’s Management Agenda - especially Priority 2 Delivering Excellent, Equitable, and Secure Federal Services and Customer Experience.

  • Engage with other relevant councils, communities, and stakeholders regarding data ethics and the Data Ethics Framework
  • Meet on a regular basis to provide a collaborative body which can help highlight effective examples and case studies around data practices
  • Share resources with each other and support agency strategies across the Federal Data space

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